5 Office Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

5 Office Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Office cleaning in Melbourne might seem like a simple task, but usually only to those who have never had to do it. At Savvy Cleaning, we enjoy our job as cleaners to clients across a range of commercial industries, but that doesn’t make what we do a simple matter. Like many things, cleaning requires doing the right thing in the right order, with the right tools. Doing it well involves more complexity than one might first expect. There are even things that can go wrong when it comes to commercial cleaning in Melbourne, which underscores the importance of choosing the right cleaner. Here’s a list of worrying practices that you might see sub-par cleaners do when they try to conduct office cleaning in Melbourne. If you notice your cleaner do any of these things, it might be time for a new cleaning company!

Too Much Water

Using too much water during cleaning can result in wet carpets, leading to mould issues if they don’t dry properly. Excess water can also cause rusting on furniture, while electrical wires being exposed to water can cause serious health hazards and damage to machinery.

Inappropriate Use of Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products contain dangerous fumes and don’t mix well with other products used for office cleaning in Melbourne. Cleaners need to be aware of which products can be used on which surfaces without damage occurring.

Dusting with a Dry Rag

A microfiber cloth is the best kid of rag to use for dusting. Other dry cloths can create static that attracts more dust, or can scratch furniture. Microfiber cloths are great at collecting and holding particles when dusting.

Overusing the Vacuum Cleaner

Successful office cleaning in Melbourne isn’t just about using a vacuum cleaner. You might need a broom for hard surfaces, or a stain remover for heavily soiled carpet. Good commercial cleaners also remember that desks and tables need to be cleaned before cleaning floors so that any dust that falls off the tables will be dealt with during the floor cleaning.

Scrubbing Spills

Scrubbing spills and stains isn’t an effective method for commercial cleaning in Melbourne. Spills are common in offices, especially in break room areas. But if you scrub the stain, it can result in the substance being rubbed further into the carpet. A strain remover should instead be used for efficient eradication of stains.

For Superior Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne, Choose Savvy Cleaning

At Savvy Cleaning, we’ve got the experience and the know-how to conduct commercial cleaning in Melbourne in an efficient and thorough manner. Our results speak for themselves, so make sure you check out our testimonials. To enjoy an immaculate office, call us on (03) 99 82 44 00.


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