How to Tell If You’ve Chosen the Wrong Office Cleaning Company

How to Tell If You’ve Chosen the Wrong Office Cleaning Company

Office cleaning companies are a dime a dozen. With so many options available to choose from, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. It’s understandable that you might feel overwhelmed and tempted to settle for the nearest or cheapest company when you need office cleaning services. However, in your haste to make life easier, you can end up making the wrong choice. After all, not every office cleaning company aspires to your expected standards of quality and customer service. The last thing you want is to book a service that fails to get the job done properly and leaves you having to spend more in the long run. This blog post details some signs that you might have chosen the wrong office cleaning company. Some of the biggest warning signs include basic tasks being neglected, a lack of responsiveness when you request assistance, failing to arrive on time, poor communication and lacklustre customer service. Our goal is to help you identify when these issues pop up so that you can cancel your booking sooner rather than later. In doing so, we hope that you’ll not only save time and money, but also find the right office cleaning company for your needs.
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Certain Tasks Are Being Neglected

Some unscrupulous cleaning companies advertise a wide range of cleaning services, but once hired, they can neglect to deliver on their promises. Maybe you’ve noticed a film of dirt on your windows, or a layer of dust left behind on desks. Or perhaps their idea of cleaning your carpets is a 5 minute run-over with a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t do the job properly. Whatever the case may be, if you’ve spotted signs that certain cleaning tasks aren’t being performed − or aren’t being performed adequately − this is a red flag that they might not be the right company for you. To make sure your cleaning company is giving you your money’s worth, it’s a good idea to conduct an inspection immediately after their clean. If the level of cleanliness isn’t up to your standard, you can ask for them to reclean any areas they’ve missed or cleaned poorly. However, choosing to go with another cleaning company may be the best option in the long term.

They’re Not Responsive

Any office manager will understand the need for a cleaning company to be responsive. Office emergencies can pop up all the time that necessitate urgent cleaning, whether it’s a smashed plate in the staff kitchen or dog poo tracked into the carpet that’s literally causing a stink. Failing to act immediately in these situations can lead to a bad first impression for clients and visitors. For this reason, your cleaning company needs to be responsive. If your current cleaner can’t attend to cleaning emergencies when they occur, or at least on the same day, it might be best to look for a company who can.

They Arrive Late −

Or Not At All When it comes to cleaning companies, timeliness is almost just as important as cleanliness. After all, you have a business to run and a schedule to keep to. If your cleaner is constantly arriving late, this can be an indicator that they don’t take the job seriously. As well as causing disruptions, late arrivals can also result in rushed cleaning, with the cleaner trying to fit more into a shorter period of time. Even worse than being late, your cleaner might fail to turn up at all and leave you in the lurch. If this happens and they don’t have a good reason for their no-show, you should immediately begin the search for a new company you can rely on.

Communication is Poor

A sign of a good cleaner is one who not only does their job well, but also communicates with their employers to pass on any important information. Maybe there’s a leak in your roof that only the cleaner has noticed due to water pooling on the ground, or perhaps there’s a stain in a carpet that can’t be removed and needs replacing. Whatever the case, it’s important for your cleaner to communicate these issues as they arise. They should also regularly communicate with you about what cleaning tasks are being performed and if there are any issues that prevent them from doing their job.

Poor Customer

Service If your phone calls and emails to your cleaner go unanswered, or if they dismiss any concerns you may have without addressing them, they’re not providing the level of customer service they should be. Your cleaning company should be easy to get in touch with and give you the time and attention you need. This is especially important if any problems occur. If their customer service is poor, they might be unwilling to help if something goes wrong or there’s a misunderstanding between you and your cleaner.

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