Strata Cleaning Services in Melbourne

The strata system of property ownership is one that differs significantly from normal. Home ownership in a strata title refers to a type of ownership of apartments in a multi- level building or a ground level block of flats where the gardens, driveways and other common areas are shared among the other strata members. When it comes to strata cleaning services in Melbourne, all members of the strata benefit. Savvy Cleaning has won numerous private cleaning tenders and commercial cleaning contracts across Melbourne; discover how we can help you and your body corporate.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Cleaning Tenders in Melbourne?

With so many cleaners providing strata cleaning services in Melbourne, why should you choose Savvy Cleaning over others?

  • No job is too big or small
  • Our use of environmentally friendly cleaning products is demonstrative of the eco-responsible approach we take to cleaning
  • We don’t have any hidden charges
  • We endeavour to deliver fast response times, from the initial contact to booking the appointment and beyond
  • Our staff keep their skills constantly updated to ensure best practice methods every time
  • Safety is always a first and foremost consideration while on the job
  • All strata cleaning tenders come fully insured

Whether you’re looking to have gutters cleaned by a professional, graffiti blasted off the walls, or oil stains removed from driveways, you can rely on Savvy Cleaning to get the job done. Located in Southbank, Melbourne but servicing areas beyond, call us on 0451 042 234 or contact us online to arrange our strata cleaning services.

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