Washroom Supplies in Melbourne for the Perfect Bathing Experience

Cleaning up the washroom is not as easy as it looks like. Every washroom has different styles of flooring styles and bathroom fixtures that are required to be treated differently. Moreover, for keeping the washroom hygienic and odour-free, you also need some essential supplies coming from reputed brands that offer you the quality assurance.

To make sure your bathroom remains clean and tidy all time, trust Savvy Cleaning, one of the most reliable names in the market of washroom supplies in Melbourne. We supply all major washroom and cleaning supplies brands such as Kimberly-Clark, Tork, BIO, Citro Clean, Enzyme Wizard, DEB and Calfarme.

Our Washroom Supplies at a Glance:

  • Toilet Tissue: We supply toilet tissue rolls for daily usage for both domestic and residential needs. All the rolls are being individually wrapped and cater to the health and safety standard.
  • Hand Soap Cleanser & Shampoos: When it comes to optimum sanitation, there is nothing better than our supplies of hand soap cleansers. While the soap can prove to be quite harsh on skin and make it dry, the soap cleanser will not only clean the hands but also keep them moisturised. For commercial areas, it is an indispensable thing to be included in the washroom so that the visitors and staffs can clean up their hands.
  • Hand Towels: We offer sanitised and soft hand towels for regular usage. These are available in different sizes to order as per your convenience and can be recycled as well.
  • Tissues: Apart from toilet rolls used in the washroom, we also supply the tissues for cleaning wet hands coming right from the dispensers. These tissues are high in quality and soak the water perfectly.
  • Dispensers: We supply all types of high-quality dispensers for dry paper tissues along with the hand wash dispenser. Air freshener dispensers are also available in our collection.

All you need to do is to get in touch and choose the preferable supply from us. We will cater to your needs by supplying you the chosen products if that is available on the market. Please contact us for any washroom supplies needs at a competitive price. All products are delivered for free and billed together with your monthly invoice.

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