Retrieve Your Bond Money with End of Lease Cleaning in Southbank, Melbourne

Most of the people feel doubtful about whether they can get back the deposited security money to the landlord after the tenancy period comes to an end. However, when you have the experts of Savvy Cleaning by your side, you are sure to enjoy a smooth relocation without the worry of losing all your security money.

We provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with all our services. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with our service, we are just one call away. Our skilled staffs associated with the end of lease cleaning in Southbank will get back to you and make sure you can hand over the property to your landlord in a pristine condition.

Lease Cleaning

Quick Check: There is a clear difference between the regular cleaning and end of lease cleaning as the latter requires more skill and smartness of the cleaners. The professionals deal with fixtures and appliances. This is much more intensive than any of the other cleaning processes.

What Does Our End of Lease Cleaning Service Include?

We would like to keep your focus on not only our professional attitude but to the safety standards; we adhere to. All our products are safe and harmless. Our team understands the need for an emergency response and therefore gets back to you immediately. Now check out some of our services that are included at the end of lease cleaning.

  • The floors are thoroughly cleaned by vacuuming and mopping.
  • We remove the cobwebs from every corner of the house.
  • Our staffs clean up all the surfaces including cooktop, shelves, furniture skirting boars, railing, window sills, mirrors and picture frames.
  • We carry out an in-depth cleaning process in the bathroom by cleaning all the fixtures, cabinet along with sanitising the toilet, sink and bath.
  • We clean up the over from inside out along with all the kitchen appliances getting polished and sanitised.

Our End of Lease Cleaners

We will be sending a specialised team who have prior experience of dealing with this sort of cleaning process. They will provide you with the assurance of spotless cleaning on the premises.

Our Cleaning Experts Are:

  • Police Checked
  • Reference Checked
  • Updated with the industrial laws and reforms
  • Trained to operate advanced equipment
  • Friendly and flexible

Be assured of getting your bond money back within no time and also pass the pre-moving inspection by the landlord with flying colours as you opt for our service. You will also be able to get the entire process completed at a competitive price.

Knowledge Tip: Under the Tenancy Law Reforms, going to happen in 2018, every tenant will be allowed to keep their pets in the rented houses. All they need is written consent from the landlord. Therefore, the cleaners will also clean up the mess caused by your pet including the pee stains on the carpet. Tenants will be held responsible, and bond back money will be compromised if they don’t clean all those up before they move out.

Frequently Asked Questions on End of Lease Cleaning:

Q: Do you treat stained carpet at your end of lease cleaning package?

A: Yes, we do. Using the steam cleaning method will be perfect for wiping out the stains on your carpet, and the service is included in our end of lease cleaning package.

Q: I want to put my house on sale. Can you assist me with the thorough cleaning?

A: We will be treating this request as the end of lease cleaning process as we are required to clean out the entire premise to make it clean and pristine.

Q: There is still some time before moving out. However, my property owner is coming for a pre-inspection. Can you help?

A: The pre-inspection is crucial as it is the time, the property owner will check every corner of your house minutely and find out whether there is any part of the house is still left unmaintained. Therefore, opting for our end of lease cleaning service will let you enjoy the benefit of showing the house to the landlord the way it was initially.

Q: Can you carry out the cleaning when I am not present in my house?

A: Yes, of course, we can do that. You can leave your house key with us, and our honest professionals will work the way they were meant to be without damaging any of your household things. We will also ensure that the keys reach your hands once we are done.

Q: Am I eligible for rescheduling the cleaning dates?

A: To get this advantage, you are required to let us know about your inconvenience at least 24 hours before the due date. We will make the changes in the plan accordingly.

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