How often should you schedule your office cleaning and disinfecting?

It cannot be overstated how important a hygienic office is to every aspect of the workspace. Obviously, cleaning your office on a regular basis is key for employees’ health, safety and productivity because it reduces the amount of dust, harmful virus and germs. But how often should you schedule your office cleaning? The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting depends on many factors such as the size of your office building, the number of visitors, and so on. This document has pointed out some factors that will help you decide on a cleaning schedule best for your company.

Does your company share the office building with other companies?

How many companies use the same office building can affect the cleanliness. Sharing a building increases the number of workers, which leads to a greater needs for more frequent commercial cleaning. The types of business you share the same facility also make a difference. For example, if one of those companies is a medical center or a doctor’s office, it is necessary to doing deeper daily cleaning to keep the patients more healthy.

The number of companies sharing the same building can impact the frequency of office cleaning

This is the same situation for any facilities that have children such as tutoring areas or English centers. Because children are hyperactive, thus spreading the virus quickly among themselves. Keeping these areas where children learn and play fresh and clean can help prevent the exposure of harmful viruses and germs so that their health is good.

But when your company prepare separate desk and chair for each employee and workers only enter their area such as a call center or real estate agency without having regular customers, you may only need to schedule your office cleaning once or twice a week.

Sharing an office building also means that sharing the same restrooms and kitchen areas. Regardless of how regularly you clean your office building, you may need daily restrooms or food preparation space cleaning. Because these areas can be home for bacteria that will spread to the office unless you keep clean.

How many employees are there in the building?

If your office has a lot of employees, you may require carpet and floor cleaning on a weekly basis. A higher number of workers in the commercial building will track in much more dirt, especially on rainy days. To keep the floors always clean, you should consider occasionally deep carpet cleaning and floor polishing at least once a week. However, if your office building only has few employees, you may need cleaning services every other week.

Depending on the size of your business to schedule your office cleaning

The size of your company also makes a difference. Every office has different size and cleaning requirements. No matter how many workers are there in the office, a larger workspace will require more cleaners and take more time to tidy. For huge offices such as department stores, it may require zone cleaning. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service team is vital because they can clean the whole company over a week, one sector at a time.

The size and type of your business impact on how often an office should be cleaned and disinfected

Besides the size, the features of the office also play an important role. For example, if your company has a lot of carpets, you should schedule your office cleaning more frequently than a workspace with less carpeting or none at all. Dust, dirt and germs stick more to carpets and rugs than hardwood or tile flooring. These activities will also determine the frequency of office cleaning. An office filled with many staff members and customers are more likely to get dirtier, and therefore need cleaning more regularly.

How frequently do your customers visit your office?

If your company regularly has potential customers to come in, pay more attention to clean the lobbies, restrooms or other spaces where they visit. Cleaning these places on a daily basis is a key way to give a good first impression to your visitors and maintain the business image. Especially for some offices having frequent visitors, you should consider scheduling office cleaning more than once a day to make these areas hygienic and fresh.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of cleaning

Another key factor which can impact how often should your office be cleaned and disinfected is the type of cleaning.

  • Regular office cleaning: This refers to the frequent cleaning crews do their job daily, weekly and monthly. Regular office cleaning includes dusting surfaces, managing trash bins, wiping down tables and even vacuuming floors. All of these services will make your workplace more clean and appealing. This kind of commercial cleaning is all things that every individual can do and add up to maintain the basic cleanliness. And how often to schedule your office cleaning will depend on the given task. For example, garbage should be taken out once a day or more if the bins fill up quickly and desks should be cleaned at least once a week, if not every day.

Regular office cleaning is beneficial for the employee’s healthy, thus boost their morale and productivity

  • Deeper office cleaning: This kind of cleaning, on the other hand, refers to more intensive tasks that usually need the help from professional office cleaners with specialized equipment. It includes from cleaning and polishing floor to changing air ventilators to sanitizing all surfaces and more. Any cleaning that requires proper tools, well-trained cleaning crews falls under the deep office cleaning. This service is very  crucial to the safety and health of all workers. Without deep cleaning, harmful germs and viruses can easily spread and contribute to illness. This deep office cleaning does not need to be done as frequently as regular cleaning. Because doing so would be more costly and sometimes unnecessary. The average size of business should be deep cleaned twice a year or at least once.

Each area in the office require different office cleaning schedule

Each area of the building needs a specific cleaning schedule. In particular, medical offices need daily cleaning while insurance businesses may only need weekly cleanings. So how frequently office cleaning should take place for each area in the office?

  • Restroom: On a professional cleaning checklist, always remember to do daily restroom cleaning. This will keep these shared areas sanitized for both employees and visitors. No person wants to use dirty toilets and cleaning on a daily basis can prevent that situation. If the restrooms have a lot of foot traffic, they may need to be cleaned twice a day or even more. You should have a cleaner check the restrooms several times in one day to track how often people use the toilets and whether twice-daily cleaning helps keep this place in good condition.

The frequency to schedule your office cleaning depends on which area needs to be cleaned

  • Office kitchen cleaning: Many people prepare food in an office kitchen. Therefore, it is vital to clean the surfaces of kitchen table and microwave on a daily basis. Also, you need to empty the fridge once a week to prevent bacterial growth and food spoilage. When you hire a professional cleaners to do cleaning job and remove all leftovers from the refrigerator, you do not have to assign the responsibility for cleaning the office kitchen to your workers. Or in case you can turn over daily cleaning tasks to your employees, just schedule services for a weekly deep cleaning.
  • Lobby areas: These spaces are where visitors and workers see first when coming to an office building. Thus, it should have a professional and presentable appearance. Daily cleaning of lobby areas may include vacuuming, polishing the surfaces, dusting and cleaning the windows. Although these tasks look simple, they can dramatically impact how tidy and clean the lobby are. If your office usually welcomes a large number of visitors, you should keep your entry area as clean as possible and schedule cleaning service daily.

When deciding how frequently to schedule your office cleaning, it is clear that a clean and fresh work environment keeps employees and visitors healthier. This document has given many factors affecting on the frequency of regular and deep commercial cleaning. It includes the size and type of your business, how many companies use the same building, the number of employees and visitors, the type of cleaning and the areas that need cleaning. Hope that from these factors, you can find the best way to determine when your office should be cleaned.


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